Lawn & Garden Care

The Woods Lawn Care Program will give you a lawn just like the experts. Each step is a slow release fertilizer that keeps your lawn healthy throughout the year.

Step 1 – Early Spring
Step 2 – Late Spring
Step 3 – Early Summer
Step 4 – Starter/Winterizer

Organic Options

Finding organic lawn care products has never been easier.  At Woods Farmer Seed & Nursery we carry a variety of environmentally safe lawn care products that you can and your family can be confident in.

fox farm logoFox Farm Soil and Fertilizer Company is a nationally recognized company dedicated to the finest quality garden products available.  All of their products are produced in small batches to ensure superior consistency and quality control.  Fox Farm offers organic soil mixes, fertilizers, and pest control products.


milograniteMilorganite contains 85% organic matter, which promotes beneficial microbial activity and improves the soil’s ability to grow and nurture grass and plants. Because it doesn’t leach, it is ideal for sandy soils.



coop poop header_logoCoop Poop is a high quality organic fertilizer that is safe around pets and people. This product provides an organic alternative for garden plants, lawns, trees, flowers and vegetables.